Kid's Reward Program

Ever wish your kids willingly studied for tests and cleaned their rooms?

Once you have at least Base+ active, you are allowed to add minors onto your account (preferably your actual children) to receive incentives for keeping their grades up and doing their chores. Bring their report cards in and print outs that they have been doing well in school, and each child may be eligible to receive a free pack of cards of their choosing or a spin on a MudWheel depending on how well behaved they have been.

They will also receive special gifts and discounts on their birthday and a free pack every Christmas. We won't ask for anything other than their name, and they cannot participate in tournaments without your permission. Each child may have their own sub-account to track their stats, but we will not activate it into a full account unless you opt-in to the Family Plan and choose to accumulate points together as team. 

 We can work together to give them Side Quests once you have the appropriate Tier active under your Family Plan to give them bonus points or in-store credit for passing tests, completing projects, getting awards, or helping out around the house. We're here to reward their hard work outside of their hobbies in the store, and sometimes we all need a little extra push with a reward to finish the long tedious marathon of growing and learning.

 We also offer a parental lock option for their accounts if they're misbehaving or not doing their homework. They won't be able to purchase anything in the store or participate in any of our tournaments until they start acting right.