The Mudville Membership Rewards Program

The Mudville Membership Rewards Program is a system that we have come up with to reward you for your continuous support of the store and as well as the best way to save you time and money as you visit the store and participate in our events. It is also the least time consuming way for us to monitor interest in upcoming releases, advertise sales, and let you know of any upcoming events. We do not sell or give out your data to anyone, this is just a way to make things easy on all of us. The base level is FREE to anyone who wishes to sign up who is 13+.

(Basically, parents... if you think they're old enough to have their own phone, unrestricted access to the internet or social media, to play online in unmonitored voice chat rooms, and/or play Mature rated video games, then they're old enough to have their own MMRP account. They will still need your permission to participate in Events, Leagues, and Tournaments held by The Mudville Port.)

CLICK HERE to enroll in our Rewards Program and to start your journey.

It is not mandatory to sign up in our program, you are free to come into the store or use our online services without having an account. We respect privacy here, so if you wish to stay off the grid, we won't stop you.

The more serious customer will know that it gets pricey to collect cards and to play games. It's very time-consuming to keep track of all the new product, stay informed of current metas, and to stay on top of market fluctuations. We can help with that. We designed this program to reward everyone from the casual collector and weekend gamer to those who are aspiring E-sports pros and card investors. Anyone who participates will find they get more out of it the more they put into it.

You earn points by spending money in our store, trading in items, selling through consignment, or participating in our leagues, tournaments, and events or winning them as prizes. These points are non-transferrable and cannot be purchased. You have to earn these bad boys. You can then exchange these points in for unique rewards, special perks, exclusive discounts, or spend them on games of chance for limited time prizes. You can cash out your point balance at any time for any available reward of your choosing, however you must have the appropriate Tier of the MMRP unlocked. Some of these prizes that are Tier exclusive are: 


  • Access to our Leagues and the Mudville Kids Rewards Program  (Base+)
  • Unlocking the 2nd MudWheel and access to the Trading Post (Premium)
  • Discord, Mudville Strategy Guide, and Looking For Group access (Ultra)
  • Discounted card grading submissions, activating Banking and Dice Rolls for your points, and Weekly Bundies (Ultimate)
  • First dibs on pre-orders, exclusive merch available for purchase, Player Titles, Unlimited Free Tournament Entry, and free packs each month (GT)

Don't have time for all of that? Don't want the labor pains and just want the baby? We thought of that too.

The Pay to Win Initiative


As an addition to the Base level of the MMRP, we also have paid subscriptions that will warp you to the upper tiers of the program which will maximize your money and time spent with us so you don't have to save up points month after month to reach another upper tier and will allow you to spend your rewards points directly on extra goodies and minimize the headaches that come with having these expensive nerd hobbies. Yes, I said this is a paid subscription service. What, you were expecting free bonus content? In this economy? We're trying to run a business here. Help us help you. These are billed/invoiced monthly, however we have discounts for purchasing 6 months or years at a time. You can win free upgrades as prizes from our games and tournaments, redeem them from MMRP points, or purchase them using store credit from trade-ins. You can buy time as gifts, transfer time between members, or pause your subscription to save it for a later time.

You can still climb all of our tiers and go from Base to GT absolutely free. Anyone can get to the top through a combination of spending money in the store on your favorite cards to earn points, getting lucky  on our prize wheel, participation in our events, completion of Side Quests, and winning Dice Rolls... but that takes a lot of time and effort. Let's make this easy on you. Our tiers are designed to give the people who utilize our more expensive services the biggest overall discounts. The tiers are from lowest to highest: Base+, Premium, Ultra, Ultimate, and GT. Each upper tier also includes all of the perks and bonuses as the tiers below it. There are games, prizes, merchandise, rewards, events, tournaments, leagues, and programs that are exclusive to members of different tiers of the program. If you wish to unlock the Kids Reward Program, 2nd and 3rd MudWheels, access Side Quests, Trading Post, Bank, or utilize our Looking For Group, Dice Rolls, or Player Titles features then you must have the appropriate Tier unlocked and active.
We also have a Family Plan available to save you money on subscriptions if you have multiple people in your household who you want to all have to same rewards unlocked. If you have GT Tier unlocked as a family, you can submit Side Quests for your kids to complete in exchange for packs, points, or prizes! If you enroll in our family plan, all the points your family earns through games, participation, and purchases accumulate as a whole, and you can spent them together to earn bigger rewards!
To see a full breakdown of the perks and discounts between the Tiers or to learn more about The Pay to Win Initiative please click here for more details.