The Mudville Rewards Wheels

The MudWheels that you see in the store is what we primarily use to give out prizes. We can never make up our minds about what we want to give out as promotions and who doesn't love a wheel spin? You can trade in points to spin the wheel for your bonus prizes, or win them in tournaments or as giveaways. You cannot spend real money dollars to spin our wheels.

The Base and Base+ tiers are restricted to the 1st wheel unless they purchase a Key to unlock the 2nd and 3rd wheel or it is a special event. Once you reach or purchase Premium Tier, your spins begin with the second wheel as unlocked and reachable without having to purchase a key to access it. You will still have to land on the proper space on the first wheel to move up  to the second wheel on your typical spin. There are ways to start your spin sessions already on the second and even third wheel either through redeeming points for a second wheel start, winning it as a prize, or banking your spin and picking up where you left off the next time you come in.